Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Mass Effect Trailer

Er yeah sorry it's badly edited and stuff but y'know.

Oh yeah I should probably say this for idk legal purposes will legal purposes apply to this? Oh well. Er might just do it for interest then if anyone actually cares
The song I used: Invincible by Kelly Clarkson
The footage I used: Things recorded from ME2 and ME3.
Er most of it's renegade because renegade's great that's why there's a lot of punching and shooting and exploding. :)


  1. Draggie... It's 360p and there's no option to turn up the quality, the go to youtube option just loads up the youtube main page, and skipping in the video doesn't work. This sucks.

  2. I mean, the video is good, Renegade FemShep is hilariously renegade :)

  3. Eh that's because I didn't upload it to YouTube. :P I made the video in 720p but had to reduce the quality so it'd fit on Blogger. :)