Sunday, 19 January 2014

Skyrim - Dragons!

I think they should have added these as official screenshots, I'm very proud of them.

Yes, I did try and jump attack a dragon. Just making that clear.

Just from a different angle.

The dragon didn't like being jump attacked and tried to eat me.

I protected myself from the fire using a "ward".

Just some more uses of a ward.

Me and a dragon having a duel. He was using fire, I was using lightning. I won. :)
 Me protecting myself from fire... with a shield.

Me using a lightning spell on a dragon.

A solid blast of ice energy that I sent at a dragon. Look at the size in comparison to us (bottom left corner)

Another duel with a dragon. The spell I was using was so powerful... yeah. It went all blue.
 Dragon breathing ice - me firing ice in return. It looks like it's trying to eat the ice mwhahaha.

Just a dragon. :)

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Marriage - Part 2

"Look after the kids!" Thomson called back to Revenge as he sprinted towards her psychiatrist appointment room.

"... And then I ended up here," Emi explained to her psychiatrist.
"Tell me more about the Reaper indoctrination," said the Turian, his eyes seeming to glow white in the traditional looking room, "What happened, exactly?"
"... I don't know... I can't remember some of it... It was just..."
"Are you having dreams?"
"... Yes... I think so... I can't remember them... What's wrong with your eyes...?"
"Thank you, Emi'Derik. That is all I need to know."
The Turian rose to his feet and waved his hand, his forearm glowing with biotic energy. Emi was thrown out of her seat and against the wall, completely taken by surprise.
"You will come with me, now," said her psychiatrist.
Emi shook her head, "... Who are you?"
"You have something we want. Some information you cannot remember. We wish to keep it a secret. Taking you with us will solve the problem once and for all."
There was a slight creaking as the wooden door to the entrance of the room opened.
"She's going nowhere!" Thomson shouted at the Turian, "She's staying here."
Biotic energy ripped across the Turian's body and his body lifted into the air, floating across the room towards the doorway.
There was a blast of blue biotics which tore across the room towards him. He threw a shockwave, which carried both the usual effect the attack had, and the blast of biotics that the Turian had sent, back at him. The psychiatrist was thrown against the wall, and the paintings he had that were set in golden frames shattered.
When the Turian dropped, he landed on one knee.
"You are powerful," said the Turian, "But not powerful enough."
Biotic energy seemed to spread through his body and a large energy displacement was thrown across the room at Thomson, splintering all the wood and glass in the room. Emi narrowly avoided having her helmet broken by hiding behind the psychiatrist's table, where she was protected. The wood was damaged, but she remained unharmed.
A large figure stepped in front of him and a holographic, hexagonal, light blue shield appeared in front of him. The biotic blast hit the shield and displaced it, but not a single part of it got through.
It was Revenge. The large Geth unit drew a pistol and took a step towards the Turian.
The psychiatrist threw a ball of biotic energy. Revenge didn't even falter, nor look to take any damage.
A blue energy pulse fired from the Geth's arm and struck the Turian in the leg, throwing him face-first to the floor. Revenge picked up the Turian by the throat and lifted him into the air single-handed.
"What do you want?" he asked the psychiatrist.
The Turian gurgled, but his meaning was clear. He was laughing.
"I know who you are, Reaper," he gasped, "But you do not know us."
"I know you. I know where you are, and I will find out what you are up to. I shall see you soon," Revenge responded, then a second energy pulse hit the Turian square in the face, practically shattering the psychiatrist's bony skull.
"Emi, are you ok?" Thomson asked, rushing over to the cracked desk where Emi lay shaking in a small compartment where the user would put their legs, "Revenge, where are the kids?"
"I took them back to the Falcon. You told me to look after them and I figured it would be the safest place to take them."
Thomson helped Emi to climb out from underneath the table. She hugged him tightly and he hugged her back.
"How are you?" Thomson asked her, holding her close.
"... I'm fine... Thank you... I... What was wrong with him?"
"His eyes were glowing white," said Revenge, "They will have indoctrinated him. It is not like ours. We are less violent in our approach. We do it slowly, causing no pain to the indoctrinated person and instead just force them out of their own body. They do it instantly, forcing them out of their own body within seconds which can be extremely painful. They have grown in strength since we last met them. We have a radius in our indoctrination, whereas it seems, they don't. Unless they use a relay of some kind to transmit the neural signal across a larger distance..."
"Do you know where it is?"
There were several soft bleeping sounds, "Yes. I have located the signal transmitter. It is..."
"It is?"
"It's coming from the Presidium. Well, to be precise, it is the Presidium."

Friday, 17 January 2014

Skyrim - 6

This is just me protecting myself with a HUGE shield as a skeleton is trying to frost me.

Then I fought some bandits. Needless to say, they didn't rip me open.

In fact, I ripped them open. That woman had been using lightning on me for five minutes whilst the others were trying to swing their axes at me. Now I got my revenge mwhahahaha.

That's me looking pretty awesome whilst I stab someone on the ground.

My blow being blocked by the handle of an axe.

Me looking awesome with two swords.

Stealing a basket, like a ninja. That's how I roll.

Then I jumped off the bridge at the top, just because I could.

So, then I spawned some rebel soldiers in the middle of an imperial city then watched the giant fight.

Which grew...

And grew...

And everyone died, but a SINGLE Whiterun guard who is in the top right of the screenshot.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Skyrim - 5

Skyrim at night. Just some random pictures.

Now these next ones need some explaining... I have a mod which lets me faceplant.

Faceplant on the floor next to a dark elf.

Faceplant on a table.

Faceplant on the rug.

Faceplant next to an assassin.

Faceplant in some water.


Faceplant on a wall next to some water.

Being underwater like a ninja (the helmet allows me to breathe)

Faceplant on some stairs.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Skyrim - 4

So, that's me.

And since this IS a Mass Effect blog... and since I'm already wearing the N7 armour, I thought why the hell not...

It's a Quarian! Mwhahahaha.

Also, cheese.

And lots of it.

Cheese! :D

Then I cast a spell on the cheese...

Cheese explosion!

Mwhahahahaha! Cheese for everyone!

Best use for the moving-around/throwing spell ever. Levitating cheese. :)

I threw an elk at a giant. Please note that no animals were harmed in the making of this screenshot. The elk survived! The giant didn't like it much, though. I then locked the giant in the tower in the background. It couldn't get through the door because it was too big.